Anne Rich made her Original Vinaigrette in Tallahassee, Florida and all of her friends loved it! They asked her to serve "Anne's salad" whenever she would entertain (which was frequently). After tasting the dressing they would consistently tell her "you should bottle this" but she never did.

She was from Tennessee and her family in Tennessee loved it too. When she and her daughter Suzanne would go visit family in Tennessee in the Summer, she would always take fresh garlic on the plane to make it for everyone there.
Her daughter Suzanne married and moved to Tampa and then to Dallas and made the dressing for her friends and everyone repeated "you should bottle this!".  Suzanne then passed the recipe down to her daughter, Anne (named after her Grandmother), and she continued the tradition of making "The dressing". Her friends mimicked what had been said for years - "You should bottle this" and she did!

Anne and Suzanne wanted to pay homage to their matriarch who started this family tradition, so they landed on the name AR Reserve. This dressing holds a special place in their heart and after 50 years of sharing with friends and family - it is finally being shared with the world!