Have you heard of a "favorite things" party? We recently hosted this fun event and shared our favorite dressing with friends! Here's how it's done:

1. Invite a group of friends over and ask everyone to bring a set of 2 of their "favorite things" (tip: set a $ limit so everyone's items are around the same value)

2. On the night of the event, place the wrapped gifts at the center of the table and have everyone select one gift to start.

3. Have each participant roll the dice and move the gifts around according to the rules below. Go around the room 3 times with the first round of gifts. Once that is complete everyone can open their gift!

4. Have everyone select a second gift and repeat step 3. Once that is complete everyone will go home with 2 favorite things!

Dice Rolling Rules:

1 - Keep your gift

2 - Everyone switch to the right once

3 - Everyone switch to the left 3 times

4 - Open your gift

5 - Steal any gift you want

6 - Trade gifts with the person across from you

We hope you enjoy this fun hosting activity and share your favorite dressing with some of your favorite people!