Hosting for a holiday can be stressful! The pressure to make sure everything is perfect and guests are having a great time can get to you. We spoke with EC Table Founders, Courtney and Elise, about how to host the perfect fete without the stress. 

1.Preparation is key. We love to set our table and put out any party decor the evening before the event so that we don't feel rushed and can spend the day of on just food and final touches.

2. Don't feel like you have to cook every single thing. We like to re-plate store bought items on our own serving dishes so they look homemade but really took only a few minutes. (One of our favorite store bought hacks is fried chicken from Bubba's on a silver tray — can't go wrong!)

3. Have fun! When you are having a great time, your guests will as well

    The EC Table offers curated table collections for purchase or to rent, allowing you to throw an event without worrying how to build your table or clean up afterward. Check our their site to make your next holiday extra special!